Tech Welcome

About Tech Welcome

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council approached us to discuss The Tech Welcome Grant, an initiative funded by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) The project was announced as a trial at the South Yorkshire Tech Summit in November 2022, aiming to bring the best of tech start-up businesses to South Yorkshire, strengthening the economic impact to the area. The grant covers the cost of business accommodation for a 12-month period. The region boasts amazing spaces such as the DMC, Kollider, RIDO Business Hub and Sheffield Tech Parks.

What we did

We developed an animated product demonstration to engage Tech Welcome applicants, offering a general overview of the grant and a walkthrough of the application process. Following the client’s brand guidelines, we designed and animated 2D infographics featuring clean transitions and text reveals. The animation guides the audience through the grant process, highlighting key UI elements on the Tech Welcome dashboard. Our product explainers effectively address abstract or intangible subjects, such as processes and software.