Barnsley 2030 - Reablement

About Barnsley 2030

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s 2030 Reablement service provides short term support to people who have been in hospital. They help people regain living skills, confidence, and independence to live at home. The service can provide advice, guidance, and equipment to enable people to complete everyday tasks and activities safely, independently and with confidence. Their team is made up of occupational therapists, practitioners and support workers who provide the relevant support and monitor progress.

You can find out more from the animations we developed below:

What we did

We created a series of explainer animations for the Barnsley 2030 Reablement service, specifically tailored to individual roles within the service and its users. Adhering to the Barnsley 2030 branding, we designed and produced 2D visuals and characters that reflect the brand’s personality. The vibrant colour palette, combined with engaging characters, captures the intended audience, and evokes a fresh, exciting feel. Each element of the animation was crafted with this in mind, from the playful animated text to the character and icon movement. Using characters in the explainer animation helps resonate with the viewer, strengthening the narrative and intended tone.